A story of freshness


Meet melanie

My life revolves around the three f's; Family, Fotos, and Fun. Okay so maybe the second one doesn't technically start with an f, but I bet it made you smile.

Family: I am a mother to two loving children. I have a teenage daughter and a quickly growing six year old son. They have a great relationship together, and I love watching my daughter play mini mom and interact with my son. I am lucky to say that their father is actively in our lives. My love for him continues to grow, even after 20 years.

Fotos: I love looking behind a lens and seeing the world in a new light. From the time I was a kid I always had a camera with me. My walls during college were covered with photos that either I took, or ideas of things I still wanted to capture. Now my photo days have centered mainly around my children, and I am always bound to snap a frame or two to capture all of our moments.
Fun: Okay so this one may be a little bit of a stretch…who doesn’t like to have fun?!?! I recently left my 8-5 job to focus on my family and create a more fun life for us. I love my children, but felt I wasn't involved enough in their lives when I was always working. Now, you will find me digging in the garden, playing outside, going to a baseball game, or dancing with the kids in the kitchen. (That last one is my favorite)
Everything I do is for my family, and now I feel like I'm finally able to do something that will better their lives. I'm passionate about the products I create. And they are behind me with every step that I take.

My handmade soaps, farmhouse signs, and other products are crafted with 100% love. I'm determined to make a quality product that everyone will enjoy.